So I uh...was offered a head brewer position at the brewery tonight.

That’s pretty wild.

The brewery cat let me give her some very good skritches today.

Mulling some wine with a bunch of spices, some citrus, brown sugar... should be good!

I unstacked a pallet of grain sacks last night and discovered a lil present.

Apparently the supply company does this for every pallet they make. Sure never got that working at the grocery store.

I’m at the brewery by myself washing kegs....spooky

Oh also be real fuckin careful if you’re adding habanero extract to...anything. At all, ever.

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Tonight I was cleaning kegs on my right and fillings kegs on my left.

The great circle of beer.

Filling and fruiting kegs today! Like lots of things in brewing, it’s mostly waiting.

Empty kegs is heavy, but full kegs is fuckin’ HEAVY.

Two lessons from today:

1. Kegs is heavy.

2. Scrubbing out a 200 gal (750 L) boil kettle is tricky.

I took a growler home with me for a pumpkin carving party so I had 32oz/.9L off pumpkin spice latte porter birthday cake for dinner.

Cleaning kegs today. Definitely had the drain line mispositioned and got a floot of old beer up the leg.

Today I helped pressurize the wort chiller with co2, preventing infection, and ran sanitizer through a bunch of the lines. I also wiped down the lab kitchen and rinsed the brewery floor.

Tomorrow...keg cleaning!!

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