I took a growler home with me for a pumpkin carving party so I had 32oz/.9L off pumpkin spice latte porter birthday cake for dinner.

Cleaning kegs today. Definitely had the drain line mispositioned and got a floot of old beer up the leg.

Today I helped pressurize the wort chiller with co2, preventing infection, and ran sanitizer through a bunch of the lines. I also wiped down the lab kitchen and rinsed the brewery floor.

Tomorrow...keg cleaning!!

Ok so I got to clean out a wort chiller, scrub down a mash tun, wash some hop bags, and learn to take a gravity reading! What a day.

I did also get a shoe full of hot water.

For those of you who don’t follow my main... I got a third job earlier this week!

I’m going to be washing dirty kegs and filling clean ones at a local brewery!!

not beer 

I’ve just made the gnarliest cocktail in my whole life

It’s a gin’n’tine but I have neither a citrus juicer nor a sharp knife nor even a jigger

Still delightful

I’ve just popped the top on a beer that made me go WHOOO

It’s “the silent world” by creature comforts in Athens, ga, and it’s a black lager.


Also time for.... the very last of my homebrew from last year.

It’s so good.

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Votes were split evenly on this so I gave my stepdad a lightning round choice between Scotland and Japan. He picked Scotland, so I have acquired The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve.

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Having some kvass for the first time pals

Underground by Fonta Flora

They make it with pretzels (brezels)!

What kind of whiskey should I get for my stepdad for dad day? Please leave recs in replies!

Is it unethical to use my pull at work to get special items ordered from the beer reps? Maybe.

Did I do it anyway? Yep.

A whole case of Foreign Extra, just for me!

Anybody else enjoying a nice this fine Tuesday? I snagged a sixer of Styrian Wolf by Beacon Brewing Co. in LaGrange, GA.

I should probably redirect my untappd to a private Twitter and direct that to a masto crossposter, huh.

Shout out to @mightybigcar for sending me a whole ass six pack with a cool pig on it!!

It was a classic Erdinger, which is a strong contender for my all time favorite beer. Definitely my favorite hefeweizen and German beer.

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