It was a classic Erdinger, which is a strong contender for my all time favorite beer. Definitely my favorite hefeweizen and German beer.

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Checked out a big new bottle shop in the next town over yesterday. Picked up a few things; will share a list later.

Picked up a Czech tallboy and two Japanese bottles at the intl market today. Logging them in Untappd as usual.

I’m at in tonight belatedly celebrating a friend’s birthday.

I’m DD so won’t be getting much. First up is Schwarz Helmet dark lager.

Hello again beer friends. I have added you to my new app.

Bottled up 4 six packs plus three large bottles. Decided to call it Yellow Peach Weiße because it makes me happy.

Currently trying to finish a big pub style mug of the stuff.

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It’s bottling day. Simple syrup is cooling in the fridge and sanitized bottles are drying on my homemade rack.

My best friend is taking me to in today as a belated birthday celebration. I’ve wanted to go for years and I’m so excited.

If you’re not following me on , now would be a good time to start!

Part 3a of the : the airlock is already bubbling! Actually sounds like tiny little farts lol.

One thing I love about homebrewing is that my mom's house uses well water, so even if someone got the same recipe and mimicked my boil exactly, there would still be subtle differences in the beer. Totally unique!

Ok, time for hastags.

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Part 3 of the :
The hops are Czech Saaz pellets grown, of course, in the Yakima Valley of Washington, USA. Hopped at -30, -15, and -5 mins to avoid getting overly bitter flavors that might clash with the peaches later.

After cooling the wort to an acceptable temp, I poured it into the fermenter and added water to make five gallons, and dropped those hungry little friends right on top! The yeast is a dry-packed Belgian yeast; I don't know the exact strain.

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Part 2 of the : finally took the leap to get in the kitchen and brew some dang beer! The specialty grain included in this kit from in is Acid Malt, as well as some Bavarian and Pilsner wheat extracts. The boil was a few hours long and I did a little more sanitizing than I needed to, but whatever.

I also strained the peaches, so they can get added to the wort in a few days... and got a beautiful peach-infused vodka out of the deal.

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I’m gonna have some photos for y’all later tonight.

Part 1 of the : The peaches.

Grown in and soaked in from , these little babies are being sterilized and infused at the same time!

I’m going to add them to my wort just after primary fermentation gets going to give my little friends something else to chew on.

Stopped by in today to get supplies to make a , to which I plan to add the Georgia peaches @Ethan_cooking bought at the farmers market.

Idk why I’m referring to my cooking alt as a separate entity but wtf live for now.

I provisionally accepted a part time brewing gig for a local bar owner. Will be really fun and interesting if it works out.


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