Managed to make it for part of tonight, and from the StarMax running ! 🎶🎧🎶


Enjoying the last few minutes of with DJ on with this makeshift setup. 🎶🎧🎶👍🏻

@chakuari I've used Haiku on actual hardware, but I wanted to give BeOS/powerpc a go since it's been my life long dream to do so, as was owning a PowerPC Macintosh compatible (the Motorola StarMax). Besides, the PowePC port of Haiku isn't in a usable state yet.

@chakuari With Haiku it's been good, but I've used recommended hardware. I was running it quite well on a Dell OptiPlex GX620 a couple of years ago, and recently on a HP Compaq 4000 Pro. So long as you're using the recommended hardware, all should be fine.

@claudiom Better check, then. I’ve got a eeepc 1001PXD, now with Salix. I have installed almost all I need, but it drains the battery, so I was thinking about trying Haiku (I would only miss LaTeX, I think). Simply I don’t want to go on installing and removing...😅

@chakuari I recently installed Haiku on an Eee PC 900a and was left unimpressed on that hardware. Trackpad wasn't well supported and the video settings couldn't properly detect the right resolution (not could I manually set it). YMMV, so I'd give it a try if I were you.

Are you sure you don't need a new battery? 🤔

@claudiom Yeah, could be (it’s an used pc). But for the moment it’s fine.

Maybe Haiku is not so good, anyway (yet). Actually I would prefer OpenBSD, but got errors after the install (no X, it says “Bus error”) so I went for Salix and at the moment I’m fine with it.

@chakuari What graphics chipset does it use? I know that for some Intel chipsets, you might need to use fw_update to add the necessary firmware not available in base.

@claudiom Atom processor with integrated graphics controller D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx

@chakuari Weird. I have OpenBSD on an Eee PC 901 and that works flawlessly there (well, except for Bluetooth, but that's not supported in OpenBSD for security reasons).

@chakuari What version of OpenBSD was it when you tried? Have you tried with OpenBSD 6.7?

@claudiom Yes. Somehow I managed to. I say somehow because I had to try installing a few times before convincing the installer I have the sets on the stick.

@chakuari You might want to try again. I know that on my old Toshiba, I couldn't use a USB thumb drive, but I could on the Eee 901. Try on a different USB port.

@claudiom First of all I must get how to change the partition scheme, I just want swap and root. I could try also in minutes, I just need the time to prepare the USB stick once again.

@chakuari It's not that hard. Took a bit to get my head wrapped around it, but it's pretty easy once you understand it.

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