@Ricardus Well, I do like me some PBR on a hot Miami day. 😜😜😜

@claudiom Back when I could drink normal beer, I was really into Bass Ale.

@Ricardus I think I've had that before but can't remember. I did have Harp once and that one was great from what zi remember. My usual go-to is Amber Bock, but I do like Killian's Irish Red and this Blue Point Toasted Lager. Good stuff.

@claudiom These days because of my celiac I drink cider and hard seltzer.

@Ricardus Gotcha. I don't usually drunk much nowadays but a good beer once in a while is a must for me. 🍻

@claudiom I don't either because my body complains more and more as I get older.

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