On the front, I've got a simple mead and a ginger cyser bubbling away and I got some more fermentation jugs so I can start a 1 gallon beer batch and still have an empty container to rack in to.

I picked up some City Roots Original Semi Dry cider, which is nice, if a smidge drier than I'd normally go for.

One nice thing about clear glass fermenting vessels is that you can all the little bubbles rising in them.

That might be the only nice thing, but it's pretty cool to look at.

Woodstock Station Honey Lemon Blonde.

Light, crisp, not too hoppy. You can taste honey and lemon, but they aren't overpowering. Probably the best beer I've had all summer.

I think the thing that bothers me about pumpkin beer in August is that it's obviously not made with this season's pumpkins.

UFO Light Force is a generally unremarkable white ale that is exactly what I look for in a white ale. Perfectly balanced. Not too hoppy, not too wheaty. Barely perceptible citrus that blends right in. 10/10.

Picked up some Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

It's pretty good. Wheats used to be my jam, but, like flavored coffee, they have a weird acidic aftertaste now.

Enjoying a beer for the first time in a little bit - a Lost River light ale from the Woodstock Inn Brewery

Opened up my last hopped mead in that I got for Christmas and it seems like it's gone off a bit. I'm not sure how to describe the flavor. Sour caramel? It wasn't in the first 3 cans.

Oscar Blues topical ipa.

Very good. Really complex tasting hops. So smooth you won't notice the 7.2% abv until it starts to hit you.


High life is my cheap beer of choice. Got 12 for $9

Drinking a Focal Banger that has been sitting in my fridge for over a year.

It's not skunked, but the flavor is somewhat subdued. Still good though.

In keeping with the rewards motif, I moved some firewood out of the way, then moved 800 lbs of shingles out of the driveway so they aren't blocking the plow truck.

UFO passion fruit smells amazing and tastes great.

Haven't had much beer this month, but I was on my feet most of the day making stew for dinner and canning 7 quarts of stew for later.

Anyway, UFO Maine Blueberry as a reward for cleaning the kitchen afterwards. It's much smoother than I expected with a good blueberry flavor and a creamy mouthfeel.

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Katz's Ale at Katz's deli. Pretty good, a nice, mild brown.

I'm usually not into flavored beer, but Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde (vanilla & coffee wheat ale) is on point.

I guess I'm on a cider kick, but this downeast cider just goes down so easy - even the 7.3 double is smooth.

I might try mixing it with sweet cider to make it more sessionable though.

Smuttynose Vunderbar Pils. It has a great malt flavor.

Downeast Double Cider post-workout

Downeast is widely available here and pretty solid imo

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@darkfrog let me know how it is. This is a dark time of year for the pumpkin intolerant, and coffee sounds like an excellent alternative.

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