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Katz's Ale at Katz's deli. Pretty good, a nice, mild brown.

I'm usually not into flavored beer, but Harpoon UFO Winter Blonde (vanilla & coffee wheat ale) is on point.

I guess I'm on a cider kick, but this downeast cider just goes down so easy - even the 7.3 double is smooth.

I might try mixing it with sweet cider to make it more sessionable though.

Smuttynose Vunderbar Pils. It has a great malt flavor.

Downeast Double Cider post-workout

Downeast is widely available here and pretty solid imo

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@darkfrog let me know how it is. This is a dark time of year for the pumpkin intolerant, and coffee sounds like an excellent alternative.

Picked up Woodstock Station's Autumn Brew. It's got apple and cinnamon in it. The label says "brewed for the pumpkin intolerant."

I haven't tried it yet.


I picked up the Harpoon fall mix pack on Friday.

Their octoberfest isn't my favorite marzen, but its not bad either.

I also had a Shipyard Pumpkinhead yesterday, I think for the first time because I usually avoid spiced beers, but it was on special and I like to try new things. The place we were at put some nutmeg on top and seemed to sugar half the rim? It was fine.

Scored a new in box 1 gallon kit at the dump. I've got a bunch of 5 gallon stuff that I feel like it's so much work to use, so when I saw it I thought maybe 1 gallon will be more practical.

Most of the home brew videos I've been watching have been from the City Steading Brews channel and they do mostly 1 gallon batches. I used to think that 1 gallon batches world be too much overhead. With a $0 investment, it's worth a go.


Got a flight at the Dam Brewhouse.

I forget all the fun names, but left to right it's
Light ale
Chocolate peanut butter porter
Cream ale
Dark wit

I got a growler fill of the cream ale.

Sam Adams Kosmic Sour.

It's not too sour, just a little tart.
Very pleasant. Mild and easy to drink.

I'm not really onboard for pumpkin beer in August, but I'll pay the price for marzen at the same time.

Grabbed a Sam summer out of the fridge in the dark for after BJJ.

Do we do cider here?

Where is the line? Certainly before we hit a can of brosé?

I had this draft Welcome Hom by Deciduous Brewing a couple days ago and forgot to post it.

It's a fruited sour and was quite lovely once my mouth adjusted to the acidity.

The pub I was at had 24 taps mostly from small regional breweries, so it was hard to make a decision.

Picked up a UFO Splashdown mix. It has some new to me flavors (pineapple and peach). I haven't been into fruity beers lately, but this looked good.

Sam summer in front of a hot grill is just the bee's knees

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