The football season started (with a loss to the Packers ๐Ÿ˜ก), had to drink an Oktoberfest to welcome it in. Very delicious one too!

ยท Toot! ยท 2 ยท 0 ยท 3

@lenlen no shame in losing to the Packers. If it were a loss to the Lions, that'd be another matter entirely...

I'll have to track down this Oktoberfest to check it out

@mightybigcar as a Bears fan, losing to the Packers is like the worst thing ever. We did it 2 years in a row now ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I'm going to the store this weekend to build another 6 pack and I'm hoping to get all Oktoberfests, and maybe a pumpkin ale. We'll see what they've got!

@lenlen oh, I didn't mean it was a good thing; just that the Packers are traditionally fairly so there's no shame in the loss. Losing to the Lions, though, that's bag over the head levels of embarrassment.

@lenlen "fairly so" == "fairly strong"

Damn you auto carrot!

@lenlen I havenโ€™t had this years SN Oktoberfest! I love that they collaborate with a different brewery every year.

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