It's Sunday funday so day 7 and 8 are both being consumed! Day 8 is Begyle Brewing's Christmas Ale. This is a solid Christmas ale, very demonstrative of everything great about them.

I missed day 5! I was doing laundry πŸ˜‚ Fistmas was day 5, I have tried it before so I'll include that check-in. Day 6 is Jubelale. It's a decent combo of malt and hops.

This is the first coffee stout that I've tried that *actually* tastes like coffee. Would have been a solid 4 if it had been slightly sweeter.

I picked up my advent calendar today! Day 1 is Jingle Java Holiday Stout by Bent River Brewing ( I just popped it in the fridge, I will report back later when it's cold πŸ™‚

There was a time that I thought I'd never like a Revolution beer. Fist City, Cross of Gold, and Anti-hero... I didn't like any of them. I then tried Rosa, Freedom of Speach, Sun Crusher, Fistmas, and their Oktoberfest... I can honestly say I like more of their brews than I dislike 😁 Freedom of Press is just as amazing. Black Currant sour ❀️

Long time no post. I had a brutal hangover that made me want to avoid anything and everything for awhile. My first beer since is City Lights Brewing's Mexican Lager. I don't think it quite hit the mark, but it still tastes good as a beer anyway.

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