This is actually my first beer since the advent calendar ended. My finances haven't recovered to allow for me to restock, hopefully soon that'll change. This milkshake IPA was a great choice to end the drought.

Days 21 - 24. I love that the solstice beer was named accordingly. I also love the name of today's, very appropriate way to end. This was a lot of fun, I am going to do it next year again for sure.

Day 14 has an incredibly unappetizing name, but it's pretty good! I rated it a 3.75. It's also refreshing because most of the beers so far have been heavier winter ales.

Idk why I called the Great Lakes brew in my last post "day 10" because it was actually day 11. Here are day 12 and 13. Seasick Crocodile sounded so promising but it was sour then cinnamon, and I didn't like how they blended. Accumulation is good though. White IPA is very smooth.

I tried day 9 last month, here is my check in from that. Day 10 is a sour, so I am super excited to try it. The Home Alone reference name is awesome too.

It's Sunday funday so day 7 and 8 are both being consumed! Day 8 is Begyle Brewing's Christmas Ale. This is a solid Christmas ale, very demonstrative of everything great about them.

I missed day 5! I was doing laundry ๐Ÿ˜‚ Fistmas was day 5, I have tried it before so I'll include that check-in. Day 6 is Jubelale. It's a decent combo of malt and hops.

I picked up my advent calendar today! Day 1 is Jingle Java Holiday Stout by Bent River Brewing ( I just popped it in the fridge, I will report back later when it's cold ๐Ÿ™‚

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