Hi beer friends! I have finally gotten new beer. Money's been tight so all the fun stuff got cut out, but I did a 6 pack today! Only 5 are beers I've never tried, but I am excited to be able to post again :sscheers:

Picked up a Czech tallboy and two Japanese bottles at the intl market today. Logging them in Untappd as usual.

Icy Bay IPA hits the target if you're looking for a typical overhopped American IPA, drinking it in an unpleasant airport named after one of the most vile, if little remembered outside Nevada, racists from 20th century US politics.

On the other hand, Southwest is offering me $600 to bump to a later flight, so there's an upside.

This is actually my first beer since the advent calendar ended. My finances haven't recovered to allow for me to restock, hopefully soon that'll change. This milkshake IPA was a great choice to end the drought.

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Tasting time at Clandestine! L to R: Dwarf Galaxy milk stout, Ploughman's Porter, Dark Cipher dunkelweizen, Hokus Smokus gratzer.

Days 21 - 24. I love that the solstice beer was named accordingly. I also love the name of today's, very appropriate way to end. This was a lot of fun, I am going to do it next year again for sure.

Haven't had much beer this month, but I was on my feet most of the day making stew for dinner and canning 7 quarts of stew for later.

Anyway, UFO Maine Blueberry as a reward for cleaning the kitchen afterwards. It's much smoother than I expected with a good blueberry flavor and a creamy mouthfeel.

D2B6 Lansing's Velvet Villain imperial porter at San Antonio station. Wow this is tasty! But too strong to drink another one tonight :-(

PS yes, that's a real locomotive, a Baldwin 2-8-2, lit up like something from Burning Man.

Day 15 is a 3 Floyds Christmas porter. I threw it in the fridge about an hour ago, hoping it's chilled by the time the Bears start in 52 minutes.

@mightybigcar Lake Effect, Finch, and Maplewood Brewing are all good too. I've tried random ones at tastings and the only one I didn't like is Finch Tacocat.

3 Floyds is in Indiana but they have a lot of good stuff and likely would be available downtown.

Too bad it's only a layover because you would love my local shop. The selection is insane!


@mightybigcar ooh this is fun. Look for anything by Two Brothers, but Atom Smasher and Ebel's Weiss especially - EW has got this awesome banana flavor.

Daisy Cutter by Half Acre is a really solid pale ale.

Short Fuse has milkshake IPAs, I really liked the raspberry. They're super small in a suburb by O'Hare so you may not see them there.

Pretty Lights by Around The Bend was great.

Freedom of Press by Revolution is so so good. It's a black currant sour.

I like Begyle's Christmas ale.


Day 14 has an incredibly unappetizing name, but it's pretty good! I rated it a 3.75. It's also refreshing because most of the beers so far have been heavier winter ales.

Idk why I called the Great Lakes brew in my last post "day 10" because it was actually day 11. Here are day 12 and 13. Seasick Crocodile sounded so promising but it was sour then cinnamon, and I didn't like how they blended. Accumulation is good though. White IPA is very smooth.

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