Day 72

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Full Suspension

Still nice out here, so I'll have another one.

Day 72

Good Life
Sweet As!
Pacific Ale

It's a lot cooler this evening (still warm), so I'm sitting on the stage deck with a cooler full of beers for the weekly virtual pub night.

Day 71

Sierra Nevada
Wild Little Thing

Wednesday was pushing 40°C. Two of these tasty items in the evening and I was out for the count.

Day 70

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Full Suspension

I'm two pints into the evening, and just discovered that someone in an overseas office Fucked Up Big Time. And guess who gets to clean up the mess....

Day 69


Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

We got to about 35°C today, surprisingly humid in the morning, but that improved in the afternoon. It's 9pm now and still above 22°C. A cooler full of Daffodil and a bunch of grapefruit makes for an excellent supply of radler.

Day 68

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Watermelon Kettle Sour

Good choice after spending the afternoon washing the yurt windows in 30°C sunshine. Not too sour, not too watermelon, and super cold. Unfortunately there's still some windows to go and tomorrow will be up to 10°warmer. Fortunately I have more of these.

Day 67

is served!

Ok that was a couple or three hours ago, but I was too busy snarfing ribs and slurping beers to post till now.

Day 67

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Hibiscus IPA

Good for hot afternoon Hawaiian themed birthday party. BBQ is on the way.

Guess what day is around the corner?

May 25 is just around the corner...


Day 66

Contact Haze
Hazy IPA

Post-hike thirst remedy.

Day 67 preview

Can't let @claudiom be the only one on this instance with smokin' barbecue, so I ordered the ribs meal pack from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing for Saturday evening. Looks like I got in just under the wire - it's now sold out.

Day 65

Liminal Space All Citra
Imagine Nation Brewing

Delish! Creamy mouthfeel, pretty much opaque, huge hop flavor, no after-bitternes. Drank too many of these during the weekly Zoom pub night, but it was worth it.

Day 64

Session IPA

Pretty tasty. Was sipping these last night while working on the Raspberry Pi cluster. Probably slowed the work somewhat, but not as badly as cans of a serious IPA would have.

Oh, and the basic cluster module, the OctoPi, is now up and running!

Day 63

Knee Deep

I put to much Sambal Oolek on the stir fry. This made a good antidote.

Day 62

Hop 99
Session IPA

A mighty fine trail beer. Last beer stop before heading home and taking my brother to the airport.

Day 61

Good Life
Sweet As!
Pacific Ale

A favorite like this is a good choice to unwind after yet another 12+ km hike.

Day 60

Back to Post M.

Sante Adarius

This smells like weed, and is pretty tasty.


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