Firestone 805 on the 8th floor balcony of the Visalia Marriott. If the weather was better, there's be a spectacular view of the Sierras. Instead, we just get the rooftops of Visalia, which is nowhere near as romantic as the rooftops of Paris.

Sooo many beers (and three soda). Brewbaker's in Visalia.

General Sherman IPA at Crawdaddy's in Visalia. A well done IPA, but not exceptional. Also a bit strong.

Goddammit bartenders, stop offering me a shot with every beer.

And don't pass the same damn beer off as both a "hazy English pale" and "mild amber”. (It fails miserably at being hazy, English, pale, or mild. But it does provide the brewery a way to dispose of surplus hop oil)

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I take back everything bad I've said about Chicago Midway airport over the past couple of months. Well almost everything. Still, Midway is a beer paradise compared to Las Vegas McCarran.

And Midway is just a nicer place to be in general. McCarran seems to be a unholy mating of a budget third world shopping mall with an off-off-strip casino that hasn't been remodeled since 1987.

Icy Bay IPA hits the target if you're looking for a typical overhopped American IPA, drinking it in an unpleasant airport named after one of the most vile, if little remembered outside Nevada, racists from 20th century US politics.

On the other hand, Southwest is offering me $600 to bump to a later flight, so there's an upside.

Another airport, another microbrewery tasting room. Atwater Brewing in Detroit Metro.

Tasting flight at Whichcraft Taproom. If I'd only known this was BBA Barrel Week, I'd have flown in days earlier. As it is, I'm sticking with mostly lower ABV brews.

After exhausting the menu at Urban Chestnut, moved to the other end of the terminal. And am now faced with a pint of the blandest amber ever.

I've been spending way to much time on hurtling metal tubes lately. At least some of the airports have good . Currently working through the menu at Urban Chestnut in STL. The Thrale's imperial stout is the best so far.

Tasting flight at Uproar Brewing. L to R: Pleasure Cruise (pale), Sai Son Jose (saison, duh), Sunday Morning, Other Brother Darryl.

Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout. This may be the only draft beer in Goodland Kansas that isn't mass produced American swill. It's delicious, and smooth, and completely out of place. And so strong I can only drink one tonight.

Currently at Logboat Brewing in Columbia Missouri. The beer menu look good.

Maplewood Son of Juice is not living up to expectations. It's a pretty ok IPA though. No interesting photo with this one, though.

Dammit. That's Concourse A. And I forgot to tag @lenlen . I blame pack of sleep.

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Harry Caray's Amber is interesting. A bit maltier, and it would be a mild hoppy porter. As it is, a solid red.

Once again, a long layover in the beer desert of Midway airport. There's some oases here, to help the thirsty traveler. The sushi place has Daisy Cutter, which is a good choice. Harry Caray's in concise A has some I haven't tried. Currently on a Three Floyds Gumballhead. Billed as a wheat, it's more of a pale.

No, I don't understand the mascot.

So much the confusion of the NFL playoffs, the bar served me a Fremont B Bomb instead of the pilsner I ordered. So if course I drank it. It would have been a crime to pour it out. It was a wonderful tasty mistake, but that stuff is a good candidate for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. It's delicious and smooth and the 14% ABV isn't at all evident.

Tasting time at Clandestine! L to R: Dwarf Galaxy milk stout, Ploughman's Porter, Dark Cipher dunkelweizen, Hokus Smokus gratzer.

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