Boulevard Whiskey Barrel Stout. This may be the only draft beer in Goodland Kansas that isn't mass produced American swill. It's delicious, and smooth, and completely out of place. And so strong I can only drink one tonight.

Currently at Logboat Brewing in Columbia Missouri. The beer menu look good.

Maplewood Son of Juice is not living up to expectations. It's a pretty ok IPA though. No interesting photo with this one, though.

Dammit. That's Concourse A. And I forgot to tag @lenlen . I blame pack of sleep.

Harry Caray's Amber is interesting. A bit maltier, and it would be a mild hoppy porter. As it is, a solid red.

Once again, a long layover in the beer desert of Midway airport. There's some oases here, to help the thirsty traveler. The sushi place has Daisy Cutter, which is a good choice. Harry Caray's in concise A has some I haven't tried. Currently on a Three Floyds Gumballhead. Billed as a wheat, it's more of a pale.

No, I don't understand the mascot.

So much the confusion of the NFL playoffs, the bar served me a Fremont B Bomb instead of the pilsner I ordered. So if course I drank it. It would have been a crime to pour it out. It was a wonderful tasty mistake, but that stuff is a good candidate for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. It's delicious and smooth and the 14% ABV isn't at all evident.

Tasting time at Clandestine! L to R: Dwarf Galaxy milk stout, Ploughman's Porter, Dark Cipher dunkelweizen, Hokus Smokus gratzer.

D4B3 is a return to Mitten's Triple Crown Brown, somewhere north of Paso Robles. Just as tasty as the first time.

D4B2 is Stone IPA in the snack bar, somewhere north of San Luis Obispo.

D4B1 ripped open a Mango Gold while stopped at the Santa Barbara station. Fruity soury wheat - an appropriate beer for the beach.

D3B7 as we enter the eastern Tucson suburbs is a revisit to Left Hand Raspberry Milk Stout. I'd have preferred something lighter and hoppier after the S'more Beast, but there weren't any cold enough yet.

D3B6 between Benson and Tucson is S'more Beast In My Cup from Pigeon Hill. Too freaking chocolaty and too freaking strong, but the label is a hoot.

D3B5 was Sierra Nevada in the diner again. Rather than another table top picture, here's some shots of a gorgeous sunset in the middle of nowhere, west of Deming, New Mexico.

D3B4 Stone IPA an old favorite near Deming, New Mexico. One nice thing about the middle of nowhere (and its suburbs like Deming) is they've got nice sunsets.

D3B3 Grand Armory Tied Down To Michigan IPA, in the middle of nowhere, eastern New Mexico. There's a lot of nowhere around these parts.

And the photo - a can of beer in the train window with a whole lot of sunny scenic nowhere Texas outside.

D3B2 Keweenaw Borealis Broo coffee infused amber. Coffee notes are nicely muted making this ready drinking. Low ABV makes it sessionable. I should've brought a couple more. Still in the middle of nowhere, Texas. Just west of Sierra Blanco.

D3B1 Keweenaw Early Autumn, in the middle of nowhere, Texas. Good mix of hops and malt. Works well for early winter, too.

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