Day 443

Morgan Territory Brewing
Dark Reckoning
Baltic Porter

Oh good this is so so good. Toasty and tasty and not a trace of the 8% ABV.

Sunset through the trees

Day #438

Morgan Territory Brewing
Share And Enjoy
Hoppy lager

And outstanding hoppy lager. Great with barbecue on a 25°C afternoon.

Day 432

Sierra Nevada
Summer Break
Session hazy IPA

Got a beer, got some tunes, got my own version of a sausage platter, got the evening sun through the forest. Pretty good way to wrap up a good weekend.

Day 429

Sierra Nevada
Summer Break
Hazy session IPA

This is a great crispy thirst quencher. Looking forward to drinking these in hot weather.

Day 426

Lazy Duck Brewing
NZ Hop Quack
Hoppy sour

Deeeeelishush! Really great balance on the hops and sour so you can enjoy them to the max. This is gonna be a regular.

Day 425

Ghost Town Brewing
Jagged Teeth

Not as crisp as I prefer in a pale, but you shouldn't decline a pint of this of it's available.

Day 425

Narrative Fermentations
Bits and Pieces

Really good choice for a warm late spring afternoon.

Day 424

Space Dust

I haven't figured out just when will officially end, or the criteria for the end, but I'm hoping it'll be sometime in the next few months.


20 years ago Douglas Adams died. This made a lot of people very upset and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Day 419

Dust Bowl Brewing
Public Enemy
Baltic Porter

This is really delicious, with no trace of the dangerous 9% ABV. Two pints of this and you'll be a real menace to society. A happy mellow menace.

Day 418

Big Sky Brewing
Moose Drool

A long time favorite, but has become harder to get around here for a few years now. Glad to see it back in stock.

I got tired of doing taxes, so Doggo1 and I hiked over to Lower Helicopter for an evening break.

Day 413

Session IPA

Kinda warm for early May, but pretty good for a bbq.

Day 411

Devil's Canyon Brewing
Cañon del Diablo
Pale lager

First beer in a social setting in, what, 14 months?🍻

Pretty damn good on a warm afternoon.

Day 410

Barrel Brothers
Dad Pants

For you @claudiom - a good one with barbecue after a long day on the tractor.

Day 396

Discretion Brewing
Submarine Canyon
IPA with meyer lemon and sea salt

I think this should have been colder. It's too salty and lemony, and not what I'd hoped for after a long day of yurt wurk.

Day 395

Anchorage Brewing
Randy Brew

So an IPA and a farmhouse ale loved each other very much, and this is the result.

Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been freaking busy for a coupler of weeks.

Day 383

Two Run
Imperial stout

This is delicious and very easy drinking. The 9% abv isn't noticable at all. That's a good thing and a dangerous thing at the same time.

Day 383


A good choice for a refresher after a long day of construction.

Day 379

Dunkel lager

Now in the Sierra foothills, trying to reduce the number of beers that will need to be repacked when we get to the end of the line.

Day 379

Hazy IPA

Mildly citrus-y, best consumed cold.

Somewhere near Emigrant Gap, but still a while to go.

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