Day 543

Alaskan Brewing
Alt style

Mild malty amber.

Camped at Ward Mountain tonight - pretty nice place for a developed campground.

Day 542

Yampa Valley Brewing
Coal Miner's Stout

Should have checked this in last night, but was too lazy. Perfect beer for the conditions, though.

Camped by Grassy Lake Utah, about 3000 meters elevation. Really great spot with amazing views. The drive up from the east was hellacious due to wet clay roads (super slippery); drove out westwards this morning and it was a lot easier.

Day 541

Storm Peak
Hoochie Mama
Guava kettle sour

Another fine choice for a hot evening. Really juices the taste buds.

Looking northwest along the Yampa, with special guest appearance by Doggo1.

Day 541

Palisade Brewing
Hula Hoppie
Session IPA

Tasty and ice cold!

Evening breeze has arrived, but it's still too freaking hot to do anything but sit in the shade with some beers and a book, and occasionally take the dog down to the river.

Day 541

Yampa Valley Brewing
Valley's Finest Light

Maybe it's just because it's over 36°C out and the beer is ice cold, but damn this is good!

Camped by the Yampa River at the Gates Of Lodore. "One does not simply just hike into Lodore."

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Aspen Street
Coffee porter

I'm usually an easy mark for anything porter, but this is waaaaay to coffee for me.

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Fools Gold
New England IPA

Rather mild for an NE IPA, but I like it.

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
F-Town Amber

Tasty, but not really a hot weather beer.

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Pale Ale

The Colorado how really make this tasty!

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Moonlight Rye Pale Ale

Nice rye flavor, kind of piney hops.

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Wheat beer

Balances the usual witbier fruitiness with a bit of hops.

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Take Your Pils

Smooth and refreshing.

Day 526

Copper Club Brewing
Cottonwood Kolsch

Nice and refreshing when it's 33°C at 7pm.

And our friend's vaccinated mom has been hospitalized twice with Delta, so yeah, it's still beervid19.

Day 508

Fort Point
Italian style pilsner

This is the right beer when it's 26°C at 8pm. Crisp and tasty.

The person who dumped a 24 pack of Bud Light in the community coolers at last weekend's party and then drank exactly none of them will be banned from further events if we ever figure whodunnit.

At least we now have more fizzball materials....

Day 504


Kind of a funky cross between Belgian and IPA that works very nicely.

So a few weeks ago it looked like was almost over. But now there's Delta variant and maskholes and vaxholes and the prospect of more restrictions and (most dire of all) a probable return to Zoom pub nights.

The only thing to do is sit out back on the empty stage and enjoy an evening . Or two. Or more.

Day 492

Old Trestle
Hapa's Brewing

A bit sweeter than I like in a pilsner, but still a good summer evening choice.

Day 486

Firestone Walker

Ok, not all the Lions have forgotten about good beer. The governor's hospitality room has 805. Not the most exciting beer around, but a damn sight tastier than anything at the happy hour bar.

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Day 486

a vaguely beerlike substance

I swear, you leave the Lions Club alone for just one pandemic, and they forget everything you taught them about good beer.

Fortunately, I brought reserve beers. Those are chilling in the hotel microfridge.

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