Day 227

Oskar Blues
Dale's Pale Ale

A long time favorite!

Today was supposed to be a day off, but not quite. Got a couple of hours of deck werk done though. Added another couple rows of blocking, did some tidy up, then positioned the first deck board. Then it got too dark to work, so... Beer o'clock!

Day 226

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Starry Eyed

Nice, rich and a bit smokey.

Day 225

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Boogie Board Brown
Brown ale

Slightly hoppy, richly malty. Good warmer on a chilly evening.

Day 221

Brouwerij Bosteels
Tripel Karmeliet
Belgian ale

My friend brought two of these this week. Because one kick in the butt ain't enough.

We didn't make as much progress as expected today, but it was ok after two bottles of this.

Day 220

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Boardwalk Blonde
Hoppy blonde ale, 7.5%

Nice cross between the sweetness of blonde ale and the hoppiness of pale ale. Kind of strong for an all night beer, though.

Deck werk for the wurk yurt is progressing. Almost approaching the final shape.

Day 215

New Bohemia
Light My Fire
Smoked beer

Pretty tasty, nice balance of smoke to beer.

Just one helper today, but we still got most of the joists placed and trimmed. Still need to install bridging and a rim joist (which will be a challenge on a circular deck).

Day 214

Brouwerij Bosteels
Tripel Karmeliet

Caramel tastiness!

Decking delivery was delayed, so we juggled the schedule. Assuming it doesn't rain in the next couple of weeks, it actually works out better. Anyway, we trimmed and finalized the bracing, and placed exactly one joist.

Day 213

Belching Beaver
Hazers Gonna Haze
Hazy IPA

Frame perimeter blocking done at last. Tomorrow afternoon we start on the joists.

Day 209

Sierra Nevada
Hazy Little Thing

Refreshing and citrusy. Good thing, considering it's 28°C at 6:30pm in mid-October.

Deck beams and posts are in place, with temporary bracing. Tomorrow I'll start on the perimeter blocking, then the joists go on.

Bracing gets replaced with permanent braces (basically the same thing, just cut to exact length) after the wurk yurt goes up.

Day 208

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Luna Negra
Dark lager

This plus those home made tamales is such a good thing that we did it again after more post and beam work on Sunday.

Day 207

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Luna Negra
Dark lager

This is really good with home made tamales! Especially after a long day of deck framing.

Sorry for the delays in posting these. I've been to pooped to post them past few evenings.

Day 205

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Unicorn Tears

It's ok.

Weather has finally moderated - we're getting late September temps instead of mid-July.

Day 204

Firestone Walker
Nitro Merlin

A smooth favorite.

The heat wave is finally moderating - it's a mere 20°C at 9pm. Still a few degrees warmer than expected this time of year.

Day 202

New Bohemia Brewing
Light My Fire
Smoked Helles

When you've poured 5800 pounds of concrete two sacks at a time, it sure as hell ain't Miller time.

This is a nice crisp Helles with a pleasant smoke taste. Ice cold, too, which is great since it hot 36°C again today. That's about 10° to 15° warmer than normal for this time of year.

Day 201

New Bohemia
Big Basin
West Coast IPA

Nice piney resiny taste. A CZU fire beer.

A hot smokey day, pudding 35°C. Not exactly great conditions for construction work, but we still got 11 of 16 remaining piers poured before running out of steam. Now drinking beers and listening to Chris Smither live stream.

Day 199

Coronado Brewing
Salty Crew

Another fine hot weather choice. Still around 25°C here. And fucking smokey. The weather, I mean, not the beer.

Day 199

Day Time
Session IPA

Ran out of All Day, so I guess now it's Day Time.

Day 199

All Day
Session IPA

Good rehydrater when it's 35C at 7PM. A squeeze of lemon and it's all right.

Day 195

Santa Cruz Cider Company
Watermelon Mint

Not sure the mint is working out for me, but it's still cold and tasty and a good antidote to the excess of cayenne I put on the roasted potatoes.

Day 195

The Brewing Lair

It's 33°C out, I've been digging holes and pouring concrete all day. This is like a can of instant air conditioning.

We picked this up a month a a half ago at the Brewing Lair. We left there about 30 minutes ahead of a wildfire evacuation. Two days later, we had to evacuate Yurtville due to wildfire, leaving this behind. I'm so glad Yurtville survived, and this along with it. It's going great with the homemade gyros.

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