@lenlen we'll be changing trains on Union Station tomorrow. Any particular local beers we should keep an eye out for while there?

Granted, it's not exactly a hot spot for craft beers, but there's a couple of lunch kiosks that sometimes have interesting stuff on hand.

Beer sampler at Old Chicago Pizza. L to R M-43 IPA (citrus tastiness in the clutches of my sweetie), Fistmas winter ale (malty warmer), Kryptonale, Cabin Fever. Last two not tasted yet.

And the damn taproom closes at 10, which is a cruel thing to do to a thirsty traveler whose flight is two hours delayed.

For being in a city with so many good craft breweries, Midway Airport sure is AB bland-centric in their selections. Tracked down Anti Hero and Hazy Little Thing, though.

Holiday preparations are complete. Fire in the stove, red and green centerpiece on the table, Captain FGS Baltic porter to keep off any chill. Not shown: snuggling with my sweetie and Doggo1.

Doctor says I can ditch the scooter and the knee crutch, start transitioning from the medical boot to hiking boots. Skiing and hiking again by February or March. Whoo hoo!

Celebrating with Doggo1 and a visit to New Bohemia Brewing.

Molé Merkin from Firestone. Dessert in a bottle. Also knock you on your ass in a bottle.

Drinking a Feldblume Bitter while Doggo2 rests her nose on the table stretcher.

YinYang amber nitro stout at Shanty Shack. Super creamy, great balance of flavors.

Hmf. Forty five minute delay on the drive home. Obviously it's better to sit on my butt in a brewery then sit on my butt in a traffic jam. Tasting flight at Lazy Duck in San Jose.

Seismic Magnetic Midnight bills itself as a dark lager, but it's closer to a light bodied porter. Delicious, at a drink-it-all-evening ABV.

Happy hours jams with the Drool Pigs. Drinking a Beer Creek Brown from Steel Bonnet. It's in a boring red cup, so you get a picture of the band instead.

No wait, the upload keeps failing. So you'll get the picture later.

Turns out the hotel has pretty good craft beers in tap. Now drinking a Kilty Pleasure.

We did visit Eureka a few days later. It's ok, but not a first choice.

In Redding for a Lions club event. I wanted to go to a brewery. They wanted to go to sushi. Guess who won?

The Orion is surprisingly good, though I'd like more hops.

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