Day 23 1/3

Strike Brewing
Haze of Fame

So last night I sat down outside by the fire for some online social drinking with a dozen or so friends, and ripped open a pint can, only to find it was high ABV IPA instead of the session amber I thought I'd grabbed. Oh well.

Even before lockdown, I'd gone a long time without a hair cut and was getting pretty shaggy. In normal times this wouldn't bug me, I'd just tuck it up under my hat till I got around to visiting the barber.

Day 23 2/3

Strike Brewing
Girl Beer

COVID times are different, though, and it was bugging the hell outta me! The solution: I'd find the dog trimmer, and my friends would guide me through the haircut process via the miracle of the internet. After all, if NASA can fix a robot spacecraft 16 billion km away with 1979s technology, surely we can manage a haircut here in the planet with 21st century tools. What could go wrong? Particularly after another high ABV beer?

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Day 23 3/3

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Half Day

So we proceeded with this plan, along with another pint of very strong IPA. With all the silliness and laughing, it took about an hour to finish both the beer and the haircut. When it was all done, I checked in the mirror and thought it looked pretty good.

This morning revealed otherwise. It looks like I skinned a two day old mangey opossum roadkill and am wearing it as a bonnet. Oh well, it'll grow out.

It will, right?

@Gogogadgetpants as long as it doesn't involve something like "hey, was your head gnawed by a one-toothed goat?", sure.

What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad one? 

@mightybigcar About two weeks!

I'll see myself out.

What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad one? 

@Gogogadgetpants two weeks of head quarantine is probably endurable.

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