Day 347

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Luna Negra
Black lager

Nice and malty for a cool afternoon.

Spent the afternoon figuring out where to run conduit for the wurk yurt power connection. Oddly tiring for a task that didn't require much heavy lifting. Doggo1 and I are recovering with a visit to the Lower Loop.

Day 341

Black Butte

Graded and rocked the neighbor's driveway. They asked me what kind of beer I like, so I told them this one (it's one of my favorites), figuring they were heading out to grab a six pack. Instead they showed up an hour later with a case. ♥️🍻!

It's not normal for it to be warm enough this time of year to sit outside with a beer in the late afternoon. But since it's here, might as well enjoy it.

Day 336

Russian River
Pliny The Elder

A classic imperial helps with an evening of overtime. For certain nebulous values of "help".

Day 327

Clandestine Brewing
Hopothetical 10416
Single hop pale ale

Interesting slightly citrus-y taste with mildly woody aftertaste. If you like Dale's, you might like this.

Second stop came a lot sooner than usual due to the beer calamity at the last stop. Plus it'll be dark soon, and I don't want to carry this all the way home.

Day 327

Day Time
Session IPA

First beer hike of 2021. First one since last October, in fact. Only half a can, though, since Doggo2 jump up on this log and knocked it over. Doggo1 is amused.

Day 326

Day Time
Session IPA

Somehow I worked hard all day but have accomplished nothing concrete except for several pages of scribbled measurements and some milk crates of sorted fasteners and connectors. Time for a break at Lower Helicopter.

Day 316

Adroit Theory
Information Overdose
Schwarzbier style lager

The atmospheric river is done arrived. Along with snow on the ridges. Good thing I've got this nice warming beer...

Day 304

Upper Hand Brewing
Laughing Fish
Refreshing summer ale

The stars have aligned! A perfect conjunction of

* I was on the flatland side of the hill

* I remembered a pending package full of beer at a friend's house

* And I had the keys to their place.

So now I've got a package of tasty new beers to explore.

Day 277

Space Dust

The latest drop box exchange. Doggo1 and I decided to chill with it at Lower Helicopter.

Day 276

New Bohemia
Captain F.G.S.
Baltic porter

Rich and tasty, this is a fine beer for sitting by the fire on chilly damp winter night.

Day 273

Backwoods Bastard
Oak barrel aged scotch ale

Ohhhhhh this is soooo tasty!

Celebrating progress on the office yurt. We're about an afternoon from having it fully enclosed and ready to start moving stuff in.

Day 272

Brouwerij Verhaughe
Duchesse Petite
Belgian sour

Surprisingly tasty and thirst quenching. Must be the monolith's influence.

Day 271

Firestone Walker
Union Jack

Really hoppy.

Good beer, good tunes, and making a simple RAID setup for the machine learning team. Such is a hot Saturday night in coronavirus time.

Day 263

XXIV Anniversary Ale
Strong ale

This year's release is up to the standards of past releases. Rich, smooth, caramely, complex, and no trace of that high ABV. I need to track some down before the county gets hit with a stay-at-home order.

A nearby ("near" around here being less than an hour's hike away) friend and I leave beers for each other in a hidden ammo can in the forest. I left them Charlatan and Pseudo-Sue last week, and they dropped this for me.

Day 259

Bear Republic
Thru The Haze
Hazy IPA

Slightly creamy, quite grapefruity, extremely quaffable. This would be a fine summertime beer. But it's a bit strong to go for the whole six pack in a session.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Good to be here.

Day 255

New Holland
Hazy River
New England IPA

Currently approaching Sacramento station.

Day 255

Pigeon Hill
Mikey's Little Wiener Beer
Amber lager

In the Sierras about an hour east of Colfax.

Day 254


Cliffs and the Colorado River, just east of the Colorado/Utah border.

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