Day 351

Fonta Flora

Tasty drinking but overwhelmingly bitter finish. I'm disappointed.

Day 350

Fonta Flora
Oak Stand
Schwarzbier brewed with white oak

Rich and oaky and even a bit coconutty and definitely delicious. This is more like a barrel aged stout than a schwarzbier.

Day 347

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Luna Negra
Black lager

Nice and malty for a cool afternoon.

Spent the afternoon figuring out where to run conduit for the wurk yurt power connection. Oddly tiring for a task that didn't require much heavy lifting. Doggo1 and I are recovering with a visit to the Lower Loop.

Day 342

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Pale ale

Crisp and citrus-y, nice clean finish. 5% ABV means you can drink a pint or two across the evening.

This isn't exactly the right weather for this kind of beer - I ordered a couple of crowlers Friday expecting things to be at least 5° C warmer than they actually turned out to be. Hopefully they'll still have this on tap when the weather warms up.

Day 341

Black Butte

Graded and rocked the neighbor's driveway. They asked me what kind of beer I like, so I told them this one (it's one of my favorites), figuring they were heading out to grab a six pack. Instead they showed up an hour later with a case. ♥️🍻!

It's not normal for it to be warm enough this time of year to sit outside with a beer in the late afternoon. But since it's here, might as well enjoy it.

Day 339

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Enchanted Evening

A mighty fine stout for sitting by the fire on a chilly evening.

Day 336

Russian River
Pliny The Elder

A classic imperial helps with an evening of overtime. For certain nebulous values of "help".

Day 336

Athletic Brewing
Run Wild
IPA non-alcoholic

Realty quite tasty which is a very pleasant surprise for an n/a beer. Makes a great change from the usual mid-afternoon Diet Dr Pepper.

Day 332

New Bohemia Brewing
The Fuzz
Japanese white peach IPA

The Japanese white peach notes are very subtle, making this tasty and easy drinking. Nice session ABV, looking forward to drinking lots of these next summer.

BTW happy lunar new year to all of you! 🍻🧨🐂

Day 327

Clandestine Brewing
Hopothetical 10416
Single hop pale ale

Interesting slightly citrus-y taste with mildly woody aftertaste. If you like Dale's, you might like this.

Second stop came a lot sooner than usual due to the beer calamity at the last stop. Plus it'll be dark soon, and I don't want to carry this all the way home.

Day 327

Day Time
Session IPA

First beer hike of 2021. First one since last October, in fact. Only half a can, though, since Doggo2 jump up on this log and knocked it over. Doggo1 is amused.

Day 326

Clandestine Brewing
Smoked Baltic Porter

Really smokey and really strong. I like it, but both those need to be dialed back before I'll be buying 6-packs instead of singles.

Day 326

Day Time
Session IPA

Somehow I worked hard all day but have accomplished nothing concrete except for several pages of scribbled measurements and some milk crates of sorted fasteners and connectors. Time for a break at Lower Helicopter.

Day 325

Clandestine Brewing
Squatch Hunter
Black cascadian IPA

This is not at all what I expected. Surprisingly strong woody notes. I like it, but it's best limited to one per night.

Day 325

Clandestine Brewing
Best bitter

Had to drive over to flatland today, so picked up a few cans curbside at one of my favorite breweries. This one's a solid English style bitter, good for this cool damp weather.

Day 322

Highwater + Uncommon collaboration
The Whiskey Thief
Smoked Scotch-style ale with heather blossoms

Mighty tasty. Smokey, peaty, malty, & hoppy all at the same time. Great for a cold rainy night by the fire.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here in the woods. 100 kph winds! 25cm of rain! Power outages (for neighbors, "we're off-grid" he said smugly)! Internet outages ("ok, not that off-grid")! Cell outages ("aiiiiiee!")! Trees across the road!

Fortunately, there's .

@NYbill so that's how ski resorts get the snow back to the top of the mountain!

Day 316

Adroit Theory
Information Overdose
Schwarzbier style lager

The atmospheric river is done arrived. Along with snow on the ridges. Good thing I've got this nice warming beer...

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