Just wanted to give a shout-out to @mightybigcar for saving! I was going to have to shut it down due to my finances and he came in and saved the day!

cc: @Ethan_drinking and @claudiom

Indeed, @Ethan_drinking! Thanks @mightybigcar for coming to the @sunflowers's and our rescue! I know I don't post often on here, but I do enjoy posting my beer and wine pleasures with you all when I do! 🙏 👍 🎉 🍻

@claudiom @Ethan_drinking @sunflowers this is an important though little known corner of the fediverse, too important to just fade away. I'm happy to be able to chip in to keep it around.

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The Mastodon instance for those who love beer. I hadn't seen any instances that were specific to beer, so I thought I'd create one. You can post reviews of beers you've tried, recommendations for others, discuss home brewing, share events, etc. Anyone is welcome, whether you're new to the world of beer or a long-time connoisseur. This is not a free speech space.