Slightly modded the theme here. New background tile and server image, which is the one that appears in the sidebar of your profile and our main login page.

Decided to start with a Citra . Clencher by BuckleDown in little old Lyons, IL. Definite 4/5 for me.

My delivery just arrived, the whole delivery left at the door thing makes me feel like Santa paid me a visit 🤣

Switched over to this account to match my usernames 👍🏼

Here are the two most recent additions to my tasted list: Shiner S'More and Foggy Geezer

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The Mastodon instance for those who love beer. I hadn't seen any instances that were specific to beer, so I thought I'd create one. You can post reviews of beers you've tried, recommendations for others, discuss home brewing, share events, etc. Anyone is welcome, whether you're new to the world of beer or a long-time connoisseur. This is not a free speech space.