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On Tuesday I had Cranberry Shortcut ( by Lo Rez Brewing in Pilsen. That was the first sour I've had in awhile that was REALLY sour. I loved it.

Last night I had Peach Stand Rambler ( by Odell Brewing and it was slightly disappointing. I always like the sweetness of ramblers but this one was lacking. The peachiness was lacking as well.

Day 78

Day Time
Session ale

33ยฐC at 6:30pm. Time to load up on iced session beers and sours, a grapefruit (for radlers), portable tunes, some edibles, and the Doggos, and head down to loaf on the stage till the situation moderates.

We haven't had any issues (thankfully) but I've changed registration to approval instead of open because there have been a lot of instances with spammers galore registering.

All users can invite people though, so if you have a friend who is interested or you want to join, you can invite them directly.

Day 77

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Full Suspension

11 weeks of lockdown. My attitude is improving. Warm weather is back, though it's going to be very hot tomorrow before moderating. Might hike down to the creek with Doggos tomorrow afternoon so they can swim while I sip beers in the shade.

Anybody else enjoying a nice this fine Tuesday? I snagged a sixer of Styrian Wolf by Beacon Brewing Co. in LaGrange, GA.

Yesterday I had Orange Sunshine ( by Illuminated Brew Works, which is another Chicago brewery. It was light and refreshing, I gave it 3.75/5.

Today I'm drinking Untitled Art's Strawberry Banana Smoothie ( The name doesn't lie either. I gave it 4/5.

Collective Arts is in Waunakee, WI. I've been there too, though just to get my eyebrows done when I was in Madison for work. It's about 10-15 minutes north of Madison.

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Yesterday I tried Son of Shakey by Maplewood Brewing (, which is a local brewery. This was my first milkshake that tasted like an actual milkshake. I liked it. I gave it 4/5.

Today I am drinking Collective Arts' Mango Tangerine Sour ( This one I gave 5/5. It's like a light and combo of Blue Moon and Summer Shandy. I love it.

Enjoying a beer for the first time in a little bit - a Lost River light ale from the Woodstock Inn Brewery

Day 70

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Full Suspension

I'm two pints into the evening, and just discovered that someone in an overseas office Fucked Up Big Time. And guess who gets to clean up the mess....

Day 68

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Watermelon Kettle Sour

Good choice after spending the afternoon washing the yurt windows in 30ยฐC sunshine. Not too sour, not too watermelon, and super cold. Unfortunately there's still some windows to go and tomorrow will be up to 10ยฐwarmer. Fortunately I have more of these.

Shout out to @mightybigcar for sending me a whole ass six pack with a cool pig on it!!

I changed our theme a bit. Just went with dark grays instead of the default navy blues and added a background image.

Day 66

Contact Haze
Hazy IPA

Post-hike thirst remedy.

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The Mastodon instance for those who love beer. I hadn't seen any instances that were specific to beer, so I thought I'd create one. You can post reviews of beers you've tried, recommendations for others, discuss home brewing, share events, etc. Anyone is welcome, whether you're new to the world of beer or a long-time connoisseur.