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, , and internet! The terrific trifecta! 🍺 :bbq: 💻👨‍💻👍🏻

Food, cooking 

Despite my sweetie's reminder, I bought UNsalted in-the-shell peanuts (unsalted peanuts should be packaged with a big biohazard warning sticker, and kept in a locked case like they do with cigarettes, so you can consider this poor life choice you're making).

My sweetie patiently shelled them, and I'll attempt to make Filipino-style fried peanuts. Should be good with .

What could go wrong? Aside from filling the yurt with pepper spray equivalent. Maybe I'll cook these outside.

Day 92

Day Time
Session ale

Warmed up a lot today, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Ran some more conduit after work. Only about 20' more to go on this project. Then there's all that wire to pull... oog.

Votes were split evenly on this so I gave my stepdad a lightning round choice between Scotland and Japan. He picked Scotland, so I have acquired The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve.

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Day 88

Oskar Blues
Dale's Pale Ale

On a beer hike with Doggo1. Time for a break in the shade.

Washing down the pan-grilled chicken breasts with sautéed onions dinner I made for dinner with this favorite of mine. 🍻

Day 86

Discretion Brewing
Uncle Dave's Rye IPA

I was mowing the neighbor's orchard this afternoon, and my sweetie surprised me by going out and getting some growlers of good beer. Yay for birthday surprises!

Is it unethical to use my pull at work to get special items ordered from the beer reps? Maybe.

Did I do it anyway? Yep.

A whole case of Foreign Extra, just for me!

and , y'all! Looking forward to a delicious later today! Doing choripan and chicken thighs again because beef is too rich for my blood these days. 🤪 :bbq:

Day 82

Goin' Coastal

Pretty solid IPA. Good post yurt wurk beer.

Yurt wurk went pretty well. We poured the last post footing, and used the leftover concrete to make a base for a friend's 3d printer. Scope creep set in and we decided to add more lights to the steps, since we had them apart to run conduit to the steps anyway. Got the lights and that part of conduit done, but there's still a lot more conduit to go in this project before we're ready to pull wire.

Day 80

Session ale

We're running about 15°C cooler than yesterday. Really to chilly to be drinking an iced session beer, but I've got to drive later this evening.

Beer. 🍺 Trinke gerade, das erstes Mal seit Monaten echtes bayrisches Bier in Bayern 😍 😁. #mastoart #art #fediart #beer

Since we had no vetoes, I am inquiring now about whether or not we can seamlessly move over to it as we would need to switch hosts. I'll keep you updated!

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I'm thinking about migrating us to Hometown. With that we would have local only posting available (more features here:

I know there's only a handful of us active but I'm going to put up a poll anyway.

Should we switch to the Hometown fork?

On Tuesday I had Cranberry Shortcut ( by Lo Rez Brewing in Pilsen. That was the first sour I've had in awhile that was REALLY sour. I loved it.

Last night I had Peach Stand Rambler ( by Odell Brewing and it was slightly disappointing. I always like the sweetness of ramblers but this one was lacking. The peachiness was lacking as well.

Day 78

Day Time
Session ale

33°C at 6:30pm. Time to load up on iced session beers and sours, a grapefruit (for radlers), portable tunes, some edibles, and the Doggos, and head down to loaf on the stage till the situation moderates.

We haven't had any issues (thankfully) but I've changed registration to approval instead of open because there have been a lot of instances with spammers galore registering.

All users can invite people though, so if you have a friend who is interested or you want to join, you can invite them directly.

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