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Day 117

Oskar Blues
Dale's Pale Ale

An old standby, tasty on a not-as-hot-as-last-night-but-still-hot evening.

There is a junco in the tree nearby attempting to have an argument with Ray Wylie Hubbard's"Mississippi Flush", currently playing on the speaker.

Day 116

Firestone Walker
Luponic Distortion #16

How they got this too taste so fruity using just hops it's beyond me. But it's 11:30pm and still well about 23Β° C and I've been drinking ice cold ones for 5 hours now. Might be time to go to bed.

Day 114

Hazy Wonder

Damn and hazy. Cold on a hot evening.

Day 112

Lost Coast

Somewhere along the way I skipped a day, maybe two. Anyway, this adjusts the count correctly since Day 0 of our local lockdown (March 17th). Sometimes I feel like The Prisoner Of Covid, tallying the days on the cell wall and tapping out messages on the bars to fellow prisoners who are never seen.

And it's done! Every Mastodon server on is now running v3.1.5

It all looks good but any problems or questions please let me know 🐘

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Day 108

Atlanta Brewing
Hartsfield IPA

The last of @Ethan_drinking 's six-pack shipment. Ice cold and super tasty on a warm evening.

Beer, alcohol. 

When one goes back to Arizona for a few days, one must assuredly bring home a few favourites. SlΓ‘inte, ya beautiful bastards.

Day 107

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Admiral Smash
Single hop pale ale

Sorry for the lack of beer posting - so many bummers in the past few weeks, topped off by having to cancel Yurtville Weekend 2020, our annual music festival, due to coronavirus. Hadn't left much energy for socializing.

Currently loafing in Lower Loop, a round flat spot with oaks instead of redwoods, mostly unimproved except a picnic table we dropped here years ago. Great evening sun here!

Enjoying a cold one as I get my 4th of July on! :bbq: 🍺 πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

Day 102

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing
Damn Right!
Vanilla milkshake IPA

I am unenthused by this one. It's ok, but a bit too much like cream soda.

Fairly successful day, though. Mowed roads until the tractor overheated. Diagnosis: radiator screen clogged with great clippings. Knocked off to hang around the neighbor's fire at a social distance BBQ.

Day 101

Day Time
Session ale

Long, hot day. The future office yurt was delivered and unloaded. Now it's time for lazy ass porch sitting on the stage. Nice sunset tonight.

Also time for.... the very last of my homebrew from last year.

It’s so good.

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Day 95

Discretion Brewing
2020 Anniversary

Worked all day on the deck lighting project. While I was showering, my sweetie snuck out and came home with BBQ ribs and mini-growler (1 liter) of this. Now loafing on the yurt deck, listening to birds, watching the evening sun on the trees, and doing this beer.

, , and internet! The terrific trifecta! 🍺 :bbq: πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘πŸ»

Food, cooking 

Despite my sweetie's reminder, I bought UNsalted in-the-shell peanuts (unsalted peanuts should be packaged with a big biohazard warning sticker, and kept in a locked case like they do with cigarettes, so you can consider this poor life choice you're making).

My sweetie patiently shelled them, and I'll attempt to make Filipino-style fried peanuts. Should be good with .

What could go wrong? Aside from filling the yurt with pepper spray equivalent. Maybe I'll cook these outside.

Day 92

Day Time
Session ale

Warmed up a lot today, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Ran some more conduit after work. Only about 20' more to go on this project. Then there's all that wire to pull... oog.

Votes were split evenly on this so I gave my stepdad a lightning round choice between Scotland and Japan. He picked Scotland, so I have acquired The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve.

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