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Selfie, ec 🍺 

Celebrating the weekend with a tall cool one! 🍺

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Day 189

Trophy Brewing
Blinded by Science
Hazy IPA

Instead of a beer picture, you get to see the first truly blue sky we've had around here in over five weeks. You can still smell smoke, but hell, for over a month we've been smoked like a slab of bacon, so everything around here smells like smoke.

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Well now... That's pretty good. I'd basically given up on pumpkin ales but the habanero twist really gives it a kick.

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Dinner, not-beer 🍝🍷 

A quick spaghetti dinner with whole grain spaghetti, ground turkey, and tomato sauce with a bit of Malbec to wash it down. 🍝🍷👍🏻😋

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Let’s bia hoi and eat. Nice place to drink. #beer #food #vietnam #hanoi

Truc Bach Bia Hoi
1 Phố Trấn Vũ, Quán Thánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Slightly modded the theme here. New background tile and server image, which is the one that appears in the sidebar of your profile and our main login page.

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Day 171

Dogfish Head
Slightly Mighty
Session IPA

Happy hour at Beaver Dam Gulch, on the Colorado River.

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Day 172

Dust Bowl Brewing
Dirty 30's
Pale ale

Very citrusy and refreshing!

Crossing the Mississippi on the last stretch into Chicago, running a bit over two hours late due to wildfires and traffic congestion.

Welcome @beefandbeer - so sorry it took so long for your account to be approved, I never got an email for your request!

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Baking a #bread with Kompaan WannaBee #honey #beer. Let's see how that turns out.

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Day 164

Belching Beaver
Hazers Gonna Haze
Hazy (duh) IPA

Good, but not outstanding.

Still evacuated, but there's a chance we can go home this weekend.

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Day 133

Oh Black
Black lager

A cool evening here, with a good beer and some light reading.

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Enjoying a little bit of Dos Equis Ambar with my dinner tonight. 🍻😁

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Surprise! Beer!

Just a Phase Saison
ABC Brewing
6.25% abv

Ok this one is uh... it's ok! It's got a thin, excitable head and a lovely semi-filtered look to it. It's bracing with just a bit of a sour edge, like the pit of an unripe plum, and immediately followed by a hot flash from the alcohol. It feels like two beers chasing each other in circles in my mouth, and i don't know if that's a good thing. There is a real bracing, bitter taste at the end of it.

Drinkable, not outstanding.

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If you like a non sweet drink, these are two nice alcohol free beers.

Non alk, by the bird brewery and playground by van der streek

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Day 130

Westbrook Brewing
It's Tiki Time!
Fruited sour

Wotta day. Wildfire scare (yay for fast response!), recalcitrant tractors (I knocked the starter interlock wire loose), lots of mowing and trail clearing. I'm hot tired dirty smelly thirsty, and this tastes so good as I finally collapse into a chair on the laser deck to watch the evening sun.

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Day 127

Firestone Walker
Hazy session IPA

Sitting in the deck, listening to a friend's acoustic music livestream.

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